Our Team


Daniella - Director, Boss Babe & senior lash stylist

Our resident Boss Babe, Supermum & Founder of Vanity Lashes. Daniela has been in the industry for over 10 years and has accumulated a world of knowledge. Not only is she one of our Senior Lash Artists, but she is the driving force behind the Vanity team. Empowering women and making them feel their most beautiful is what motivates Daniela every day. Daniela puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

Daniela specialises in our Kendall Hybrid & our Coco 2D set.


Michele - Salon Manager & senior lash stylist

With over 20 years in the industry across Australia and the UK, Michele brings incredible techniques to Vanity Lashes - not just in lashing but also in training and salon management. Michele is a warm, bright eyed person who can aways put a smile on anyones face and she is an asset to our salon. One of Michele’s biggest passions is having the opportunity to educate lash artists and her clients.

Michele specialises in our Gaga Mega Volume set.


Chey - senior lash stylist

With her infectious smile, incredibly positive attitude and all around gorgeous personality, Chey spreads a bit of joy wherever she goes. Chey is a meticulous lash artist with an incredible attention to detail. Chey’s favourite part of lashing is transforming our gorgeous clients faces and enhancing their natural beauty.

Chey specialises in our Kendall 6D Hybrid Set.


alanna - graduate lash stylist

With the sweetest personality & a heart of gold, Alanna is a huge perfectionist and is absolutely amazing at what she does. Alanna creates beautiful lashes in every set and leaves her clients feeling incredible at the end of every appointment.

Alanna specialises in our Audrey Classic & Coco 2D Sets.


bella - senior lash stylist

Our beautiful Senior Lash Stylist Bella brings focus and love to every set of lashes she does. Bella may be soft spoken but she certainly lets her talent shine in her lashing technique. Bella loves creating new styles and is constantly practising her lash styles to provide to her clients. Bella is our salon sweetheart.

Bella specialises in our Kendall 4D Hybrid Set.


lily - graduate lash stylist & brow queen

An angel sent from above - Lily can master your brows AND your lashes, all with the same perfection. Lily brings incredible brow + lashing experience to the salon & leaves her clients feeling gorgeous with their face framed and looking fabulous every time.

Lily specialises in our Audrey Classic & Coco 2D Sets.


ailish - graduate lash stylist & Head of pr

Ailish is our newest Vanity Babe having spent the last six months mastering her skill. An energetic and super powerhouse of fun & creativity, Ailish loves creating a customised look for all of her clients and ensuring they have an amazing in-salon experience.

Ailish also heads up our Social Media & PR aspect of Vanity Lashes, she is currently studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and works closely with Daniela on all things Vanity Lashes!

Ailish specialises in our Audrey Classic Set.