Our Lash Extensions

Sometimes we don’t always know what extensions are best for us, if you’re confused or you’re not sure of the style, give us a call to organise a Lash Consult to make sure we customise the look that fits you best!


Sassy classic set

Our classic lashes sets are elegant and the perfect set for those starting out with extensions. Classic lashes are applied individually to each one of the natural lashes on a 1:1 ratio.  This style gives a bold ‘mascara’ effect and can be created as natural or dramatic as your individual style.

We customise every lash set based on the clients natural lashes and their eye shape so we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. All of our lashes come in various lengths, thicknesses and curls so we will find the perfect fit for every individual desire.

vanity mega volume

This is for the mega babe! The amount of volume you have will depend on your natural lash health and length. Please book in for a consultation if you are considering this so you are not disappointed and we can assess your lashes. 6/12D fans.

daring doubles

A lighter and softer lash hair with a 2 lash hair per 1 natural hair application (2D). This look is a softer version of the Volume sets yet adds more drama than the Sassy Classic Set.This will give a soft volume look while keeping the lashes looking natural. If you want volume, we wouldn’t recommend this set for you, instead you should look at the Drama Queen or our Boujee Volume Set.

drama queen hybrid

Drama Queen Hybrid comes in a 3/4D as well as 4/6D option. Hybrid lashes are beautiful and extra ‘fluffy’ as they are a combination of our Classic Lashes and also Volume Lashes together to create a more voluminous and intense look. Take your lashes to the next level with Hybrid and flutter those lashes!

Boujee volume

Pump up the volume! Volume lashes are micro lashes that can be created into Multiples like fans. The fans can be in multiples of either 3/4 or 4/5 lashes, which can then be applied to each natural lash.  This style of lash gives a fuller, more dramatic look and will definitely give the full glam effect.