Is Seasonal Lash shedding really a thing?!

Hello lovelies,

We wanted to jump on here today and chat with you all about Seasonal Lash Shedding - to be honest, we didn’t even know this was a thing until most of us started lashing. It’s a very common belief that Lashes last forever and we find ourselves always talking about the life of a natural lash.

On average, it is completely normal to lose anything between 5-8 natural lashes per day! We obviously don’t notice them all as they’re tiny, fine little baby things - but it does happen! Did you also know that each individual lash has its own blood supply?!

Most annoying for us lash techs is seeing our work not last for as long as it could or should - this is due to Seasonal Lash Shedding! Cats & Dogs tend to moult more after the winter months (in summer) which is them losing their Winter coat - the same thing happens with us humans! We tend to retain a lot of our lashes during the colder months whereas by the time we get to Summer, our lashes have had their Hibernation and they’re ready to fall out all over the place (well… not literally). Although having said that, everything tends to be a little better in the Summer months (skin, hair, nails) however you will find that in that change of season, your aftercare is 10x more important than usual and keeping up to date with your regular Vanity Lashes infills is super important.

Everyone is super different though, and this will obviously vary from person to person. Others may find that due to the constant sweating in Summer, the oil that their body is producing is harming the longevity of the lashes. As lash techs, oil is our worst enemy and our adhesives actually just hate it!

We guess it’s the good that comes with the bad and vice versa!

Don’t worry though, the dreaded seasonal shed won’t last forever. After about six weeks, everything should start to return to normal. It is honestly something that as lash lovers & lash techs, we just have to ride out.

In Love & Lashes,

Ailish & The Vanity Lashes Team xx