Eyelash Extensions

Are lash extensions safe?

Ok.... so this question is an ongoing one that keeps coming up with a lot of clients and we totally understand why.

Of course, like with everything in life, there are always good and bad sides to anything and as such, of course there are some reasons why lash extensions can be damaging to the natural lashes.

It is super important that you ALWAYS do your homework and research where you are getting your lashes done and by who. The reason for this is that there are many lash artists out there that simply do not have the qualified training to apply extensions and simply do not know how to do the job correctly.  If in doubt, why not ask the lash artist where they got their training and to see their certificate.  Remember we use lash adhesive, tweezers and are super close to your eye area, and therefore it is really important your lash artist, is qualified. 

The other important thing to remember is that as a qualified and expert lash artist, we need to understand the safety of applying lash extensions - how long to apply them; how thick to apply them ect.  If a lash extension that is too long or thick is applied to a natural lash that is simply too fine and not strong enough, not only will the extension be too heavy and drop off, but this can also cause the natural lash to be ripped out too soon (before its natural cycle) and this is not good.

Now keeping all that in mind, we also have to consider how we are applying the lashes to the clients natural lashes and by this we mean, how much adhesive to use and how to apply the extension to the natural lash. If the lash artist is good, the applying is easy and flawless and the extension is wrapped easily around the natural lash with minimal adhesive but enough to keep them lasting.  Some non qualified lash artists do not know how much is enough or how to apply the extension correctly and so you are left with what we call ‘clumping’ and that is a BIG NO NO!!!!

Clumping means that too many natural lashes have got stuck together in the one extension applied because too much adhesive was used and it didn’t dry properly before the lash artist moved on to the next lash. This causes big damage to the natural lashes and will over time, cause the natural lashes to continuously be ripped out too early in their cycle and eventually scar tissue to form along the lash line which then means, potentially you may never grow lashes there again.. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS!!!!

When your lashes are done by professional and certified lash artists, your natural lashes should always be kept in their most healthy and optimum condition and there should never be lash damage caused.  

Please always remember that lash extensions are a luxury and a specialised service and should not be applied by just anyone. You really do get what you pay for.



NOT OUR WORK! Clearly you can see the poor quality of work done here. Too much adhesive was used and not properly separating each and every natural lash means that surrounding natural lashes got caught in the adhesive and they all clumped together. This causes severe lash damage and can lead to scar tissue being formed which results in no Lash regrowth.