To Hybrid or To Volume?

Hi beauties,

So we get asked this question all the time so we thought we would write a blog about it!


So Hybrids are a mix of classic lashes and volume lashes. So you still get that mascara look from the classics and a bit of additional fluff from the volumes. The ratio is 2 classics to 1 volume lash.

However we now have 2 options for hybrids. One set has a 3/4D volume mixed in and the other has a 4/6D mixed in. So now you can decide how much drama goes in to your lashes.

However please bare in mind that ‘Susie from pear tree lane’ (chuckle) that we posted a photo of yesterday may have a different natural lash health and length than you do, so we can only lash what you have naturally. Although we are amazing at our jobs….sadly we can not use our magic wands to add more natural lashes.

However if you want more drama then maybe volumes are your goal. We carefully create all our volume fans by hand. There is a lot of love and skill involved in this process and you wont see any pre made fans here at Vanity!

There are two different options for your volumes. The Marilyn sets are 3/5D sets. So we will do an in depth consultation with you to determine the D that is right for you. Again your natural lash health is of upmost importance to us and we will not overload your lashes. Please be mindful of this.

If the Marilyn is still not enough drama how about looking into the Gaga Mega set!!! Now this treatment is only aimed at the strong good condition natural lash. It is 6D fans up to 12D! Yes you heard me….Drama, drama, drama!

If you are still confused on how the D part of volume works here goes…..

3D 4D 5D etc will be the amount of lashes within that volume fan. So 4D will include 4 lashes on 1 of your natural lashes. But before you get concerned the volume lashes are a lot lighter in weight than classics.

A classic lash is 0.15mm thick the volumes are 0.03 or 0.05. So they are alot lighter in weight and therefore can handle the extra lashes.

For more examples and photos visit our website in services or instagram page. Or why not ask for an upgrade next time your in……