To clean or not to clean......

Hey beautiful people!

This is a quick blog about your cleaning. 

We have all been that client that lies there while your lash tech says for the 100th time “Are you cleaning your lashes”?! With a roll of our eyes we say “YES!!!!” 

However we do this for good reason. Infact we do this for MANY reasons. Here are a few:

* You will get better longevity from your extensions.

* It clears away any everyday dirt, oils, dry skin and makeup build up. It can get quite dirty up there!

* Prevents Blethritis - WHAT IS THIS YOU SAY?? Blethririts is a condition that can occur on your eyelid. It is red, anygry, sore and potentially can mean your natural lashes will just fall out. Yup you heard me right....Just fall out. It can be a build up of dry skin, dirt, makeup and if not cleaned that eyelid will just get infected. Better to clean a few times a week than have your natural lashes just disappear right??? 

Would you wash your hair in water and expect it to be clean.....NO! So why do you think that just getting those lashes wet will do the same? Using a good lash shampoo with a soft bristled brush to run that mouse through is the best way of maintaining your beautiful lashes that you have paid your hard earned money on. 

We sell both in the store and are happy to do a run through with you so you know how to effectively clean them. Ask us at your next appointment for more info. 

If you wear makeup please try and clean your lashes before you come in. Not only will this cleaning time take away from your lash time but it might also have left a film on those lashes and prevent the adhesive from working to its full potential. 

DO NOT WEAR MASCARA ON VOLUME/HYBRID LASHES!!!! Once that mascara closes that beautiful fan we have made for you its gone. No amount of cleaning will EVER get that fan back. It will just be a clumpy mess. It may also potentially mean we will have to remove rather than refill! And nobody wants that!!! That’s your time and your money your wasting the minute you pick up that mascara bottle. So please be kind to your lashes and your wallet!!!

We see it time and time again people using wipes after they have used mascara or makeup. Not only is a wipe fibrous and will pull at the adhesive, which in turn means it is pulling at your natural lash and possible damaging them but they also have ingredients that could prematurely break down that adhesive bond. ONLY USE YOUR SHAMPOO for cleaning the lid and lash line.  

Pictures below show you what we see when that lash line is NOT clean!

I hope this blog helps a little. Please keep those eyes sparkling by keeping those lashes clean...........